Housing may loosen up

Many economists now expect higher home values to entice more owners to sell, boosting inventory and total sales in 2013. Read more.

Builder confidence at six-year high

NAHB: It's a two-point gain from a slightly revised Nov. reading and the highest level since April 2006. Read more.

Don't ignore a late relative's foreclosure

Real Estate Q&A: What happens if a home is in foreclosure and the owner dies? Is it okay if the bank just takes it? Read more.

Agents prepare homebuyers to compete

Many buyers still expect a great deal on a foreclosure, so agents must prep them for a competition of multiple bids. Read more.

Americans mostly trust, help neighbors

Value of homeownership: 76% of Americans trust most or some neighbors, 44% talk often and 65% exchange favors. Read more.

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Study: Homeownership benefits children

More homeowners' children finish high school and avoid problems during the teen years than renters' children. Read more.

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